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Drawing from 15 years of expertise in event management for Fortune 500 companies, Events by Momo serves as your dedicated Events Concierge, specializing in crafting, orchestrating, and flawlessly executing unforgettable occasions. Our mission is to transform your vision into reality and guarantee that your guests savor a truly top-tier, unforgettable experience. We expertly manage all intricacies, alleviating the burden of logistics and ensuring you can wholeheartedly relish every moment of your event.



Do you have the planning portion under control but need assistance running the show on the day of? Count on us for the setup, event activation, and breakdown. This package is perfect for the client that has in-house bandwidth to manage planning the details but would like to have someone else be the point person during the event day. Your team can sit back and enjoy the event. 


This package is perfect for clients who are looking for a white glove planning experience. Let us handle everything for your event from start to finish. 



​Need support planning the details? This service is perfect for the client that needs planning up until the event, but has enough bandwidth to support the day of activation. We will work with you to provide all of the critical thinking and planning, then hand off the timeline for activation to your internal point person. Take the pressure off of researching and planning the details, and rest assured you will receive the best options the industry has to offer. 

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